Irina Marincas
Irina Mărincaș
Headhunter. IT recruiter. Animal lover. Wild yogi. Peace rebel. Life adventurer. Thanks for viewing my website – I would love to help you hire your next amazing developer anywhere in the world. Why developer? My main areas of expertise are in IT&C and nonprofit organizations but I wouldn’t say no to any other challenge. I have my sights set on groundbreaking heights that others shy away from. Not to worry. I’m equipped to navigate the steep and narrow and I’m loving the climb. Genuine passion and enthusiasm for what I do, coupled with my ability to respond and adapt swiftly to clients needs recommends me as a badass recruitment professional.

Why me?


  • Who am I?

    Hi, I'm Irina, a small-town girl with an even smaller soul filled with love and warmth. I enjoy the little things in life be it a smile from a stranger or hugging a child. I strongly believe in the good and beautiful side of man. I love the sun, animals, children, a good read, flowers, nature, food and last but not least, people.

  • Studies! Lots of studies!

    Besides the studies I completed - I am referring here to the Waldorf alternative high school that showed me how to see the world beyond appearances, and to my master studies at the Babes-Bolyai University (read more in the résumé) that fulfilled my hunger for knowledge - I got involved in various volunteering activities, mainly with children or young adults. Every minute spent in the company of the little ones filled my heart with joy and we, the volunteers, made their day more beautiful.

  • Put your hat on!

    My journey as a recruiter started after graduation when I was a Volunteer Coordinator at an NGO that builds homes for families in need, Habitat for Humanity. Here I developed my leadership skills by coordinating 70 local volunteers (whom I personally recruited) in activities related to construction and back-office operations and also negotiated with all 12 teams of international volunteers the details of their arrival in Romania: budget, schedule, tasks, legal acts etc.

  • The real beginning

    My real adventure as an IT recruiter started in 2014 with me being the only recruiter in a small IT company, Luminos Labs (older name Techromix Solutions). In little more than one year, I managed to double the size of the company from 30 employees to 60 employees. I recruited IT specialists, middle and top managers plus administrative and internship roles which were recruited not only locally from Cluj-Napoca, but from other Romanian cities too, plus Bulgaria and USA.

  • Music lover

    In spring 2015, I was being offered to help another NGO, Young Famous Orchestra with their volunteer management. Young Famous concept aims at bringing into Romanian cultural lifestyle a love of classical music through a modern approach of the traditional symphonic concert and it’s closeness to the young public. This is an opportunity for me to interact directly with orchestra musicians, as well as to help share the love of classical music in the local community.

  • Ready to rock!

    If you have a project we (Ginger and I) can get our teeth stuck into, or you want to discuss how we can help you hunt your next super awesome colleague, get in touch with us. We can meet somewhere nice & have a coffee. Or we can Skype.

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